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Testimonials: What others are saying about quality child care at Legacy Academy.

Legacy Academy in Lake Mary Florida has been our choice since the moment we decided it was time for our son to be in school. Zack was 7 months when we enrolled him and now he is in VPK. The teachers and the staff make the difference. Even when Zack was in the smaller class rooms, they introduced the teachers he would have to him. Zack has always known his teachers personally before he reached that teacher’s classroom. This has made transitions easier and the focus on learning, not creating a nurturing relationship. He already had that relationship. We have also decided to keep Zack at Legacy through Kindergarten because he continues to excel. He loves school and doesn’t want to leave when I come get him. Ms. Sarah, Ms. Casi, and Ms. Michelle provide a consistent setting for Zack and even on the hard days for drop off, they have a routine to go to the window and wave goodbye to me. Now the entire class waves to me. In a few years when he is older, this won’t matter but for today, this helps him say goodbye to me and get the day started. I don’t know very many teachers that take the time to get to know each child’s comfort zone and build a system that works for each child. It’s why we continue to choose Legacy in Lake Mary. Aside from the fabulous teachers, Susan and Larry run their business professionally and with care. They always support me and are involved in the community. That is important to me since I am a professional in Seminole County. Last but not least, Ms. Cheryl helps with early drop offs. She always addresses any concerns we may have and even as a staff member, she makes all the difference as the face of Legacy. Please contact me with questions.

Nicole Eisenhardt

Before Trenten was enrolled at Legacy Academy in Lake Mary he had no social or educational experience although he was already five years old. Since then he has bloomed and grown both socially and academically because of the care, attention and patience of the staff and teachers at this location. Trenten is learning by leaps and bounds and looks forward every day to waking up to go to school. We are so grateful we found Legacy! This group of people and educators have made a big difference in our little grandson’s life.

Grandparents from Kindergarten

One of the best things about this daycare is seeing the same smiling faces ever day. They obviously value their employees. The owners are in almost every day. That says a lot about a company. I know that my child feels comfortable there since he is familiar with the staff. He has learned a lot and it’s fun. Every day I ask him if he had fun a daycare, his answer is always an enthusiastic “Yes!”. They offer a variety of different activities to keep the kids busy. The appropriate amount of teachers are always on hand so I know the children are being supervised. The staff always seems happy.

Parents from Sr. Toddlers

“We love this school.  It is a warm and friendly atmosphere.  The teachers actually care about our kids and want to help the in school and personally.  The teachers show up at birthday parties and try to be a part of the kids’ lives, like a second set of parents.  They make the kids feel welcome and loved.  I always see my boys being hugged and kissed and loved on and couldn’t ask for more.”

Parents from PreK-3B and Sr. Toddlers

Legacy Lake Mary is an incredible school.  I feel like my voice as a parent is always heard.  My daughter is greeted with genuine smiles and love and she thrives now that she is at Legacy Lake Mary”

Parents from Sr. Toddlers

“The teachers really take the time to care about my son’s needs.  The front office staff really makes me feel at home.”

Parents from Infant A

“The staff and owner make you feel like family and take care of your children like they are their own.  The classroom teachers know each child and make sure they are taken care of.”

Parents from Sr. After School

“My daughter is in the Legacy Lake Mary’s kindergarten class and it has been a great experience! The smaller class size provides more one-on-one attention and fosters a great learning environment for her. I truly believe she’s learning more at Legacy than she would if she were in a public school environment.

My son is also growing daily as a result of the love and attention he receives in the PreK 3B class. We look forward to having him join the VPK class in the fall. I’m always impressed that even the staff who have never had my children in their classes know their names and always have a smile or a hug for them. We definitely consider the teachers and staff at Legacy aan extension of our family!”

-Parents from Kindergarten and  PreK-3B 


“My boys were part of Legacy’s first private kindergarten and 1st grade classes. The boys will never have better quality care and education than they received at Legacy. I miss walking them into class every morning. I can tell you the boys are well ahead of the 2nd grade bench mark.”

-Parent from Kindergarten/1st Grade 


“Our children began their journey at Legacy after moving from Indiana to Florida. As soon as we walked in the door, the teachers, office staff, and directors were so welcoming. They gave us all of the necessary information we needed to enroll our daughter in VPK. Her first day there, my daughter walked in,  met the teacher, and started playing with new friends. She thrived in the program and we always felt like she was well taken care of. Her academic progress ,as well as social progress, were our priority and her teachers were accommodating to our needs. We feel like she has excelled above and beyond our expectations.

Our son started when he was 15 months old. Day one included a lot of tears, but his amazing teacher provided the TLC he needed in addition to social time with friends and some amazing food! He has loved Legacy ever since. He’s transitioned to his new rooms well, and we have always felt he’s been well taken care of. The things we like the most about Legacy Academy are the amazing staff who care so deeply about providing a safe and nurturing, yet structured and enriching, environment. The families we have met there are amazing too. Our kids enjoy the breakfast, lunch, and snacks too! In addition the school has extra-curricular activities during the day for the kids to participate in and that are an added bonus. We also attended a few weeks of summer camp – our daughter was excited about all of the field trips and really enjoyed that time! We look forward to another exciting year! Our daughter will attend the after school program and she can’t wait.”

-Parents from Senior Toddler and VPK 


“Although it is a pleasure to drop my 17-month-old son with Ms. Leta and Ms. Michelle in the Infant B classroom each day, Tuesdays are a real treat. Because of my schedule, I bring my older child to drop off and Ms. Leta always greets him warmly and offers him breakfast to go! My son and I always feel welcome to stay, have a snack, and play with my younger son and his friends as long as we like. That warm welcome makes me feel like the red carpet has been rolled out for us! Thank you Ms. Leta and Ms. Michelle and everyone who makes Tuesday, and every day, a great day. We love you. ”

-Parent from Infant B


“There is nothing more important to my husband and me than knowing our son feels comfortable wherever he is. Ms. Casi, Ms. Ashley, Ms. Sarah, and Ms. Leta are teachers who bring love, compassion, and focus every day. In the mornings, it is sometimes hard to say goodbye and the teachers do whatever they can to make him happy to say goodbye. He is focused on learning at home because of the structure that Legacy gives him and what they have done to help us as parents continue the learning at home. I wouldn’t have my son anywhere else. I could not provide him the same education that Legacy provides him. They are incredibly amazing people. I’m so happy with the management and their team and what they do for my son every day.”

-Parent from PreK 3


“Thank you for helping my son grow and learn to be the fine young man he has become over the past two and a half years.  I remember dropping him off at 12 weeks old like it was yesterday . . . I was TERRIFIED, but Ms. Laura and Ms. Tonya were fantastic and I knew he would be in good hands.  The staff at Legacy makes it easy to come to work every day and be at peace knowing that my son is being cared for.  I want to thank the management team and staff for all they have done for me and my family.  There are not enough words to express how forever grateful I am.”   

-Parent from Senior Toddlers


We are so thrilled with Ms Courtney and Ms Ajay and their love for children. They are always involved with the children and fun activities when we visit. They are very cordial and show their immense love for all of the children in their care.

-Grandmother – Junior Toddlers